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Nardo Noodle Pooltoy Pack

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THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE AVATAR BASE OR ANY OF ITS FILES. You will need to already have the Nardotaur avatar base, which is a combination of the Nardoragon by Nardo and the Dragon Puppet by Meelo, to make use of this product. Think of this product like an accessory pack that turns you into a pooltoy.

This project was originally for my personal use, as I didn’t expect other people to share this specific combination of interests, but after being approached by a couple people I’ve decided to make being a pooltoy noodle accessible to everyone!

Use code "DiscountNoodle" for 2 USD off!

To pay forward all of Laser Raptor’s hard work and generosity with the Nardotaur base, and because I am keen on seeing as many pooltoy noodles in the world as possible, I’m providing a basic version of this product, and discounting the full version. The basic version contains more or less all you want if you just want a pooltoy version of your noodle, and is designed to be as plug-and-play as possible.

You will need to add your character’s basetexture to the materials and apply them to your model, but otherwise installation should be fairly standard.

Working with the source files included in the full version is a bit more complex, due to my inability to include a substance painter file for the character. However, a guide is included to help you set up the existing Nardotaur substance painter file with the included height/smoothness maps.


  • Designed to easily turn your own Nardonoodle into a pooltoy with minimal complexity.
  • Unity package that includes:
    • From-scratch Poiyomi Toon 8 materials with pooltoy normal/smoothness maps for PC (Does not include anything that comes from other products, like the character's base texture, but presumably you already have one)
    • Standard-lite materials with pooltoy normal/smoothness maps for Quest (Does not include anything that comes from other products, like the character's base texture)
    • Pooltoy handles, warning label, and air valves for both PC and quest
    • Blendshapes to disable what you don't want
    • VRCFury compatible, easy setup


  • Designed for customization
  • Everything in Free
  • Multiple handle type prefabs!
  • Substance painter file for pooltoy handles/valves/warning label
  • Blender files for the different handle configurations
  • Individual height/normal maps for pooltoy normal map details to make it easier import into substance painter/tweak details. One for each of the following:
    • Wrinkles
    • Seams
    • Other details
  • Guide for setting up the character’s substance painter file with those maps
    • Customizing the Quest normal maps will require slightly editing the character model's topology for the best results.
  • Less usage restrictions

Unity Setup (with VRCFury

  • Add your character’s associated basetexture to each material in “PooltoyNoodle/Materials”
  • Assign each pooltoy material to the corresponding slot on your avatar’s body mesh
  • Drag the accessory prefab you want to use onto your avatar’s hierarchy


Basic Version:

  • Do not redistribute the files or claim them as your own. If someone wants them just link them to this gumroad page.
  • Do not make modifications that significantly change the appearance of the provided textures/models. Adjusting the character's poiyomi materials however you'd like is fine.
  • Do not modify or remove the warning label
  • Don't use for public avatars. These are for your own noodle!
  • Someone can set this up as part of a commission, but can not make any non-trivial edits to the provided textures/models unless the person receiving the commission owns the full version.

Full Version:

  • Do not redistribute the files or claim them as your own. If someone needs the files to perform a commission for you they'll need to buy the asset.
    • This includes selling/distributing the files as part of a derivative work or larger package.
  • You can make whatever modifications you like, provided they do not promote amoral or unlawful activities.
  • If you make a public avatar with this asset, you must have something clearly crediting Laser Raptor/Icyvarix for their respective contributions (the included warning label works for this purpose). If you make significant edits, you must also credit yourself for your own work!

Special Thanks to Ahzealion for his help and support, and to Laser Raptor for putting together such an awesome avatar!

If you don't own the required assets to have your own noodle, but still want to try out being one, I have a public avatar obtainable at the following world:

Please be aware that it does have certain features/material attributes that are not included in this product for various reasons.

If you have any questions or suggestions please check out my discord server!

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Nardo Noodle Pooltoy Pack

7 ratings
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