Pooltoy Novabeast Pack

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THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE AVATAR BASE OR ANY OF ITS FILES. You will need to already have the Novabeast avatar base in order to use it. Think of this product like an accessory pack that turns you into a pooltoy.

You can find the Novabeast here: https://kittomatic.gumroad.com/l/Novabeast

QUEST IS CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED. I'll update this to support the quest version of the Novabeast once it's out.

What's Included:

  • Unitypackage with everything you need to turn your Novabeast into a pooltoy!
    • Prefabs for the various pooltoy accessories for easy installation with VRCFury
    • Preconfigured Poiyomi 8/9 materials that you'll be able to put your own basecolor texture into
  • Substance painter file for pooltoy handles/valves/warning label
  • Blender file with the different handle configurations
  • Individual height/normal maps for pooltoy normal map details
  • Substance painter smart material that neatly packages said heightmaps
    • Just drag and drop into your Novabeast project!
    • Separates out various elements, like seams and surface texture, into separate layers to make it easier to adjust them

Unity Setup (with VRCFury https://vrcfury.com/):

  • Make sure Poiyomi Toon 8 is installed
  • Add your character’s associated basetexture to each material in “PooltoyNovabeast/Materials”
  • Assign each pooltoy material to the corresponding slot on your avatar’s body mesh
  • Drag the accessory prefab from "PooltoyNovabeast/Accessories/Prefabs" you want to use onto your avatar’s hierarchy


  • Do not redistribute the files or claim them as your own. If someone needs the files to perform a commission for you they'll need to buy the asset.
    • This includes selling/distributing the files as part of a derivative work or larger package.
  • You can make whatever modifications you like, provided they do not promote amoral or unlawful activities.
  • If you make a public avatar with this asset, you must have something clearly crediting the source (the included warning label works for this purpose). If you make significant edits, you must also credit yourself for your own work!

I also have a public avatar uploaded that uses this asset:


Please be aware that it does have certain features that are not included in this product for various reasons.

If you have any questions or suggestions please check out my discord server!


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Pooltoy Novabeast Pack

4 ratings
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